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I am dedicated, responsible, hardworking and fast learner with a knack for problem solving.

About Me

About me!

Full Stack Web Developer, with extensive experience in HTML/HTML5, CSS3/LESS/SASS, Bootstrap 3 & 4, Foundation, Materialize CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React JS, Grunt/Gulp, Webpack, HTML5 Graphics (Canvas, SVG, Icon, Google Map). PHP (Procedural and OOP), NodeJS, ExpressJS, TypeScript, MySQL, MongoDB. WordPress, On-Page SEO & Off-page SEO and Ghrapics Design(Adobe Photoshop)

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Web Design

Web Design

I enjoy working with Front-end because it is my favorite. I use HTML/HTML5, CSS3/LESS/SASS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React JS, HTML5 Graphics (Canvas, SVG, Icon, Google Map) and many other Nood modules to make my job easy. I have good experience designing themes for CMS (WordPress). I am very good in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and have good Typography, Print Design, Layout /Conversion Optimization and Color Theory skills.

Web Development

PHP (Procedural and OOP), NodeJS, ExpressJS, TypeScript, MySQL, MongoDB, and Git are my main tools.

Why I am still attached with PHP, is because I used it for WordPress custom themes development, to fulfill my clients need.

I used Slim (PHP Framework), for REST API development.

Web Development


According to my experience, it is very important for every web developer to have good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. To keep my clients happy it was important for me to learn SEO(Search Engin Optimization). Today I am expert in On-Page SEO (Internal linking, Anchor text, Headlines, Titles and Meta tags, XML Sitemap, Navigation, Comments, Content, Regularity, Length, Improving click through rates, Meta description research, Authorship, Schema markup, Images) and Off-page SEO (link building, Social media, Keyword research, Directories)

Social Media

I have good experience in Strategy planning, Tactics, and execution, Community management, Social web content planning, Theology and content optimization, Writing skills and have the very creative mindset. I know what is going on in people mind, what they want to see.

Social Media



For whatever reason no hobby outside web development sticks to me. Maybe because I started programming as a hobby and never looked back, next thing I knew was doing it professionally. I’m all into it and I take part in other activities very sporadically.

If I am free I will reading somehting about history, because studying history enables us to develop better understanding of the world in which we live. Building knowledge and understanding of historical events and trends, especially over the past century, enables us to develop a much greater appreciation for current events today.


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